Sensacional entrevista-diálogo de la revista Time entre dos de los grandes: Neil Gaiman y Joss Whedon, hablando de sus próximos y respectivos estrenos, Mirrormask y Serenity. Dos genios juntos, en una conversación chispeante, ágil, ingeniosa, discutiendo sobre lo divino, lo humano, y todo lo de en medio. Blogs («now I feel absolutely far too terrified and guilty to stop»), comics («There’s no better way to create a fantasy world than with a great artist. And animation takes a wicked long time.»), nerds («Mostly they’re people. They’re us. That’s what they look like»), X-Men («Kitty was a huge proto-Buffy»), Wonder Woman, el siguiente proyecto de Whedon («the finest film ever not typed yet»), censura («In America, it almost seems like family has become a code word for something that you can put a five-year-old in front of, go out for two hours, and come back secure in the knowledge that your child will not have been exposed to any ideas»), y otras cositas varias («I look up and they have a bodyguard line of 30 Klingons») que me dejo. Como dice Gaiman, «how good does it get?»
P.S. Millones de gracias a Chewie por el enlace.